Are You Ready To Meet Belgrade?

We created a tour for all those who wish to taste the real spirit of Belgrade and skip the popular tourist places. The best way to see what is local and authentic in Belgrade is to meet the locals. Ask anyone visiting Belgrade what’s the best thing about Belgrade and you will get the same answer: its people. So in order to show you the best of Belgrade we decided to create a way you can meet the people of Belgrade and see the hidden gems.

Who will you meet on our tour? From the old, real Belgradians living and working here in Belgrade for decades to the young creators who are finding places and ways to make and show their work. They will share their stories with you and tell you more about their creations. If you are looking for local and unique souvenirs, we will show you the best spots.

When you Meet Belgrade you will get a taste of the home-made yummies offered on the green-markets and get a smell of the night of Belgrade at its oldest hand-made perfume shop. You will learn how to read the writing on the walls and understand more about the culture of Belgrade’s street-art. We will guide you through Belgrade by foot and public transport following the daily path a local would go shopping and offer the locally made ice-cream. We will have a Turkish coffee in the local kafana and buy some traditional Balkan sweets in an old bakery-shop. We will do some window-shopping in the hidden Belgrade Design District and roam the markets for the best second-hand communist posters and accessories.

Sounds interesting? You can join the tour that starts every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 11 am, or book a private tour/Meet Belgrade quest. For more info, send us an email or give us a call.

Our Tours

Meet Belgrade Tour

Meet the craftsmen of Belgrade / Taste the food of Belgrade / See the art of Belgrade / Enjoy the coffee of Belgrade.

  • Starts every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at 11 a.m.
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Price: 35 Euros
Meet Belgrade Tour

Meet Belgrade Private Tour

Meet Belgrade you want to meet with a private tour.

Start and end when & where you want, include a lunch at a hidden restaurant and meet the people & places that are most interesting to you.

You want to learn more about the food culture? You want to learn more about street-art?  You want to have a bit more time and go for lunch or drinks at special places?

Let us know and we’ll take you there.

  • Starts and End when & where you want
  • Duration: 3 hrs
  • Price: 55 Euros

Meet Belgrade Private Quest

Want to Meet Belgrade with your own friend or colleagues?

Take the Meet Belgrade map, assignment and essential Belgrade-survival-kit and go!

Get ready to get lost and found again.

Include an extra beer-tasting stop or have your colleagues go on the picture with a local taxi-driver.

Contact us to hear all possibilities.

  • Starts and End when & where you want
  • Duration: 2 to 5 hours
  • Price: Prices Vary

Book Your Tour On The Following Days:

*Meet Belgrade Tour:
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
Starting time 11 am
*Meet Belgrade Private Tour:
Any day except Sundays.
You can start your tour the latest at 4 pm.
*Belgrade Quest Tour:
Any day except Sundays.
You can start your tour the latest at 4 pm.

For all questions please contact:

Or call us:


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